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A November 2018 article from The Nonprofit Times revealed that Facebook fundraising tools had helped nonprofits raise more than $1 billion dollars since they were introduced in 2015. Until now, there wasn’t a great way to link Facebook fundraisers with a peer-to-peer event to show fundraising progress from both sources. We partnered with Facebook to change that! With the new integration, you can now tie Facebook fundraisers to your Qgiv peer-to-peer event forms! When you set up the integration and one of your participants creates a linked fundraiser, the funds they raise on Facebook will be reflected in your event’s fundraising thermometer. Here are some of the benefits of using this integration.

Cut down on confusion

When participants go to share their personal fundraising pages on Facebook, they’re often prompted to start a Facebook fundraiser because of the language in their post. Before the Qgiv integration with Facebook fundraising tools, the Facebook fundraiser money wasn’t applied to a supporter’s fundraising page. Nonprofits would have to wait for Facebook to send the funds, and reconciling those funds could become a nightmare. Instead of waiting for Facebook donations to be received and trying to reconcile the deposit with donor-reported Facebook fundraiser totals, you can now use the integration to see the funds applied toward your event’s fundraising goal as the Facebook donations come in.

Show fundraising totals on Facebook

Another barrier to using Facebook fundraisers to support peer-to-peer events was that the Facebook fundraiser didn’t speak to other online fundraising tools. This means that not only could the Facebook totals not be applied to a peer-to-peer event, but the event’s fundraising amount wasn’t reflected in the Facebook fundraiser. With Qgiv’s Facebook fundraiser integration, the Facebook fundraiser total can be updated with a participant’s peer-to-peer total raised. If a supporter updates their fundraising goal in Qgiv, it will be updated on the Facebook side as well! This gives supporters a more accurate picture of what they raised, and nonprofits know how much to expect when fundraising ends without having to add totals from multiple sources together to get the grand total. If your ultimate goal is to integrate Facebook fundraising tools with a peer-to-peer campaign, Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform and Facebook work together in ways other peer-to-peer solutions can’t.

Supporters can give where they are

Nonprofits can use the Facebook fundraiser integration to raise money on both their peer-to-peer event page and on Facebook. In the past, Facebook fundraising campaigns could not be linked to a specific campaign. Organizations had to manually apply those funds as offline donations once fundraising ended if they wanted them to appear in event thermometers. Another route many nonprofits were forced to take was to link to a form that took donors off Facebook. This could turn many donors away from making a gift if they wanted to remain on Facebook.

With the integration, organizations can accept donations from Facebook for a specific event without supporters needing to leave Facebook to make the gift. Conversely, donors who find a fundraiser posted by a participant can make gifts there with those totals applied to the Facebook campaign. This is the ultimate example of providing donors with a way to give where they are. You’re not making them jump through hoops or stop browsing social media. Instead, they can make their gift and go right back to scrolling through their feed.

The integration makes it possible to raise more money and see where it came from

Chances are, your nonprofit has likely benefited from a Facebook fundraiser, or at least has signed up to be able to fundraise on Facebook. Facebook has a huge audience. Asking supporters to share your event with family and friends on Facebook makes your organization accessible to a wider audience. This means that their connections are seeing a campaign they otherwise may never have been exposed to and their support is reflected in your peer-to-peer fundraising total.

With the integration, both Facebook fundraisers and your peer-to-peer event form will be able to show data from Facebook and your event form. This makes tracking where donations are coming from a breeze.

The integration between Qgiv and Facebook fundraisers opens the lines of communication in a way that wasn’t possible before.

If you want to use this tool in your next peer-to-peer fundraiser, we’d love to show you how! You can check out our how-to guide or email us at with questions.

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