Three Must-Follow Nonprofits on YouTube

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More and more nonprofits are using videos to tell their stories, communicate with their donors, and document the impact they make on the world around them. The number of organizations that are using video as part of their everyday fundraising strategy is always rising, and nonprofits are using platforms like Facebook, X, and Instagram to spread their videos around the internet. Making videos can be tricky, though — it seems to be one of those mediums that can be hard to get right. Here are three great examples of nonprofits who are making the most out of their videos.

1. Junior Achievement

The Junior Achievement channel is a great example of how nonprofits can use videos to accomplish multiple goals. They’ve got a mix of short commercials, updates on programs and contests, and spotlights on JA participants who have been empowered by the organization.

2. Ronald McDonald House Charities

Sometimes it’s hard for donors to understand that their money really does make a difference once they give to a nonprofit. Ronald McDonald House Charities has figured out a way to put names and faces to the people that their donors help every day. Not only does the organization use video to remind donors of their impact, they also use their YouTube channel to disperse thank-you videos that they make for the people who help keep their Ronald McDonald Houses operational. If you’re looking for examples of emotional, compelling videos, definitely subscribe to this channel.

3. Rainforest Alliance

The people at the Rainforest Alliance don’t brag about themselves in their videos — they don’t have to. Instead, they let the people they help do the talking, interviewing individuals from all over the world who talk about the importance of the land around them and how their training from The Rainforest Alliance helps improve their quality of life. When they’re not interviewing other people, they make friendly, engaging videos that remind viewers that every choice they make has an impact on the rest of the world. Their channel is full of videos that emphasize their impact on the world and that encourage donors to get involved.

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