Qgiv and Winspire Partner to Elevate Nonprofit Fundraising Events


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We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Qgiv and Winspire that will help nonprofits raise more at their next fundraising event or auction! This collaboration brings together Qgiv’s innovative fundraising technology and Winspire’s unique auction travel packages, providing Qgiv clients with a direct pathway to curated travel experiences that can be bid on at their next auction or raffled off at an event.

Key benefits of the partnership

1. Enhanced auction items

Winspire’s unique and curated travel packages are accessible to Qgiv customers, providing nonprofits with a range of enticing auction items and experiences that cater to diverse donor interests. 

2. A better auction experience

Qgiv’s auction platform, paired with Winspire’s travel packages, streamlines the organization and execution of a successful fundraising auction. Qgiv clients can easily add experiences reserved through Winspire into their Qgiv Auction, specifically onto their Auction Items page to entice bids! 

3. Increased donor engagement

Offering exclusive travel experiences as auction items helps to attract and retain high-net-worth donors, ensuring your events leave a lasting impression.

4. Comprehensive support

Winspire’s team of fundraising advisors and travel specialists, along with Qgiv’s dedicated Customer Experience Team, ensure that nonprofits receive the guidance and support needed to maximize their fundraising potential.

How it works

With over 200 extraordinary travel experiences to choose from, Winspire’s offerings include everything from luxury cruises to expert culinary events and extreme adventures. This diverse selection helps guarantee there is something to entice every donor, making your auction items more appealing and your events more successful. Best of all, there’s no risk—no money down and you only pay for what sells, ensuring your fundraising efforts are as profitable as possible.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Explore Winspire packages

Browse through the extensive catalog of Winspire travel packages and experiences available on Winspire’s website. Whether your supporters are thrill-seekers or luxury enthusiasts, there’s a perfect package waiting for them.

2. Incorporate into auctions

Easily add selected travel packages to your next auction. Qgiv’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage and promote these items to your donors, whether they’re placing bids online from the comfort of their home or are in-person at your event. 

3. Engage and inspire

Use the allure of exclusive travel experiences to draw donors in, boost participation, and increase the overall success of your fundraising activities.

Ready to elevate your next auction?

Contact us today to learn more about how Qgiv and Winspire can help you create memorable and impactful fundraising experiences for your organization!

Together, let’s transform your next fundraising event into an extraordinary journey of generosity and impact!

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