Qgiv Partner Showcase: One & All

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As we welcome 2021, we look to celebrate our partnerships with some truly great companies (like yours!), each dedicated and invested in making the world a better place through their work with nonprofit organizations.

Over the past five years, we’ve enjoyed working with One & All, a full-service, performance marketing agency that’s the offspring of agencies Russ Reid and Grizzard coming together.

What exactly is “full-service” you ask? They work on strategically positioned communications in every medium out there, including traditional and digital marketing. Traditional marketing relies on offline strategies, including direct sales, direct mail (postcards, brochures, letters, fliers), tradeshows, print advertising (magazines, newspapers, coupon books, billboards), referral (also known as word-of-mouth marketing), radio, and television. Whereas digital marketing focuses on digital technologies that utilize internet and online platforms to promote products and services.

Like Qgiv, One & All recognizes that every organization is unique and at a different point of the life cycle in their mission. Being able to connect and leverage our combined experiences with our shared clients over the years allows us to help organizations in their strategic planning.

Q: Why should nonprofits consider working with an agency?


One word comes to mind: partnership. We believe that we can accomplish more…together. We also know how lean marketing and development teams are at many nonprofits and social impact organizations. We see our team as an extension of our client partners’ teams. 

Partnering with an agency like One & All adds depth and breadth to the collective team – tapping into even more experience, knowledge, and tools to help an organization more effectively accomplish their goals.  We work with clients on a variety of performance marketing initiatives to help increase brand awareness, launch integrated fundraising campaigns, or implement the right technology to empower other work.

Q: What types of organizations do you work with?


The scope of our work lives with a wide variety of social good organizations in the U.S. and Canada. We partner with large national organizations, as well as regional and local organizations throughout both countries.  

Some we have worked with are Make-A-Wish Foundation, Salvation Army, Animal Welfare organizations, Food Banks, Rescue Missions, the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Paralyzed Veterans of America, St. Jude’s, and international relief and development organizations, like Operation Smile, Mercy Ships, and World Vision U.S. and Canada.

Q: One & All recently rebranded. Can you tell us more about that?


One & All is for everyone, by everyone. As a performance agency for social good, we’re known for creating compelling work through strategy, creativity and technology that moves people to act. As our offerings have evolved, we knew we needed a fresh visual identity that would more accurately reflect all of this.

Q: How can you help nonprofits utilize and leverage data-backed decision making?


First and foremost, we’re data nerds at heart. We created the industry’s first Giving Sciences group, applying data science to charitable giving and leading the way for best practices in analytics for social causes. We arm our client partners with market research, reporting, segmentation, and predictive modeling using our own in-house expertise. Our data is what drives refinements to creative, data selections, media strategies, tactics, as well as ongoing optimization. 

For instance, what might be working well for one organization’s monthly supporters might not be as effective for other segments, like a potential supporter experiencing the brand for his or her first time. We apply intelligence through a lens of curiosity to learn everything we can about each unique audience in order to refine the customer (supporter) journey. We’re big fans of testing, testing, and testing again. It’s incredible to see how small tweaks to a donation form can dramatically increase both engagement and conversion rates. 

We’re not just testing forms—we also test the mechanisms that drive to them. This includes search keywords, social ads, display video, or a website’s homepage, and tactics spanning multiple channels. We look at tone and messaging, imagery, essentially any testable element a person might see before landing on the form itself.

Deep experience doing this for a variety of different types of organizations enables us to make smart decisions out of the gate and get to the best experience possible… faster.

Q: How did you end up partnering with Qgiv?


In today’s digital landscape, the intersection of tech and strategy is critical. Combine that intersection with some of the world’s most important charitable causes, and it’s an incredibly powerful force for good. 

In late 2015, we began looking for a new tech partner in the social good space that could scale and grow with our clients, who valued collaboration—who would allow for front and back end customization, and who was smart about how they were building digital fundraising solutions. From our earliest conversations, Qgiv approached our clients’ needs with excitement and curiosity, demonstrating capabilities that aligned with all of the requirements on our list.

To this day, whether it’s a new product or feature, or a technical issue that needs resolution, Qgiv remains on their game. This is invaluable to the agency and to our client partners. We’ve accomplished a lot in the past 5-6 years, and as we look ahead, we look forward to doing more good—together.

Q: You recently referred Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to Qgiv… why?


We had redesigned their website and had worked with them on the platform they were using at the time. As they looked ahead at growth—not just on the user end, but on backend integrations as well, we knew Qgiv could integrate really cleanly/seamlessly with their CRM, DonorPerfect. This was extremely important to the client, as they were looking to remove as much manual work as possible.  The conversation with them to collaborate with Qgiv really started with this particular need in mind. Fortunately, they moved to it in January of 2020 before this tidal wave of pandemic-related online giving that started in March!

The partnership between the Food Bank, Qgiv and ourselves has really set the tone for success—now and into the future.

Q: Is there anything interesting coming up in 2021?


Customer experience is at the top for us.  As we collaborate with our client partners on deepening supporter relationships, it’s not lost on us that these are real people interacting with real people. We’re making strides to build relevant, meaningful experiences in our ever-changing landscape. 

2021 had a challenging beginning, but we remain optimistic about the year ahead. We like to say that “our KPI is a better world”, and we’re leaning into how we can make the world better this year and beyond. Digital will continue to play a massive role as we cut through the noise and the clutter; delivering relevant, meaningful, experiences that deepen relationships, ultimately impacting the bottom line.

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