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#DonorLove: Forever and a Day

Let’s explore the crucial connection between your annual fundraising program and your legacy program. We’ll share successful case studies and examples of #donorlove in action from Canada and around the world. You’ll learn how to find and share amazing stories that resonate with values and emotions and that will inspire your donors at every vital stage in your relationship. You’ll leave with ideas you can implement tomorrow and strategies you can build into your brightest fundraising future!

About John Lepp

John Lepp is one of the founding members of Agents of Good, an Ontario-based agency dedicated to the concept of #donorlove. He and his business partner, Jen Love founded the Agents of Good in 2009 and have been working with nonprofits to show #donorlove in every facet of fundraising ever since. To learn more about John, the Agents of Good, and how to spread #donorlove, visit them at agentsofgood.org.

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