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Nonprofit Website Wellness Check: How to Diagnose & Cure Your Website’s Ailments

When is the last time your organization’s website had a checkup? Is it in tip-top shape and ready to take on the world? Does it have some minor ailments and need a little TLC? OR…does it need to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery?

If you want to find out exactly what is wrong with your website and how to fix it, then you don’t want to miss this webinar. We will show you a structured and thorough process for diagnosing your website’s issues based on best practices and, more importantly, provide you with specific actions you can take to fix them.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Nonprofit website best practices including usability (UX), Conversion Rate Optimization, accessibility, and more
  • How to identify and diagnose the problem areas of YOUR website, and
  • Specific strategies and actions you take to improve your website today and over the long term

About the Speaker

Rich Dietz began his nonprofit career when he was the director of a mentoring organization in college. He has spent the last 20 years working both in and with a wide variety of nonprofit, political, and government organizations as well as technology companies focused on the nonprofit sector. It is this unique background and experience – working directly in nonprofit organizations AND working on the technology side – that allows him to better understand and assist nonprofit organizations with their technology needs.

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