5 Peer-to-Peer Tools to Use If You Want to Raise More Money (and How to Make Them Work!)

Every peer-to-peer fundraiser is unique. But every successful event has two elements in common: participants stay engaged throughout the event, and it’s easy for a donor to make a gift.

These 5 tools will help you cover those bases. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– How to use gamification pieces to boost participant engagement
– How simple design elements on your event page can make a big impact
– How to keep fundraising participants engaged through ongoing coaching
– How to include matching gifts options in your event’s campaign
– How to make supporting your event on social channels easy for your donors  and participants

You’ll also see real-life examples of these tools in action, plus advice and best practices you can use to make them work for you.

Raising more money has never been easier.

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