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Bid Farewell to Complicated Auctions with Qgiv’s Auction Platform

Can Qgiv really help you make your next silent auction more successful and less stressful?

We can—and we’ll show you how! Join us for an insider’s look at our auction platform. We’ll show you how Qgiv’s auction and event management tools can help make your next event a success, and we’ll share insider tips from Qgiv clients who are using this platform.

You’ll learn:

  • How Qgiv’s auction platform makes setting up your event (and your items) easier for you and your staff
  • What your event attendees will experience during registration and check-in
  • How Qgiv’s auction tools make bidding and checking out easier for everyone
  • And more!

This high-level demo of Qgiv’s auction platform will give you a look at how you can use these tools to streamline and simplify your next silent auction.

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