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How to Have Coffee with Your Favorite Donor

We’re all looking for the best way to find income for our nonprofits. Should we do more events or do digital marketing? It seems like there is no end to the new ways to fundraise. How will I know what really works?

The oldest and most straightforward way to fundraise is to ask a friend for help. Fear and uncertainty can stop you from reaching out to close friends of your cause. This webinar will give you specific steps that will turn your fear into commitment and your uncertainty into confidence. The next time you look at a list of donors, you can do it with confidence and anticipation.

You’ll learn:

• Play-by-play instructions to prepare for a visit
• What to talk about and how to ask a friend to help
• Three lists every fundraiser should keep
• Mistakes to avoid when picking a place to meet
• Things you don’t need to have
• And more

Coffee is extra — bring your own!

About Dave Sena

When I started as the executive director at a small nonprofit, my stomach hurt every time I looked at our budget and our payroll. I knew we needed more than a simple campaign or event to make ends meet. Through hard work and guidance from my mentor, my organization went from raising $250k per year to raising over $2M (if you included capital pledges) in a town of approximately 90,000 people.

My mentor helped me, and I want to share what I learned. My passion for helping nonprofit leaders connect with their donors caused me to found Bold Leading in 2015.  Our team now helps new and veteran fundraisers build a nonprofit donors love and fund.

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