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Customizable Dashboards for Data-Driven Fundraisers

Easily access, view, and compare fundraising data that’s most important to your nonprofit with Qgiv’s customizable fundraising dashboards! The updated fundraising dashboards make it easy for your nonprofit to filter, compare, and arrange fundraising data so you can make strategic decisions.

Join us as Qgiv’s UI/UX designer Mike Cross walks you through the updates. During this webinar, we’ll take a look at:

  1. Why we redesigned the fundraising dashboards
  2. The new features you can use to easily access, view, and compare the data you want on your dashboard
  3. How to filter, compare, and arrange your data to identify key donor behaviors and make strategic decisions for your next campaign or event
  4. New colorblind-friendly themes to make it easy for everyone to view your dashboard

Download the slides here!

Meet the Speaker

Mike is a UI/UX Designer at Qgiv, a leading fundraising platform for nonprofits. He has a passion for designing systems that offer a great experience to its users. When Mike’s not working, he sings in a barbershop chorus and spends time with his wife and two kids.

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