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Essentials Only—Basic Segmenting of Donor Communications

Sometimes segmenting just doesn’t feel worth all the work–or you’re too pressed for time to make it happen!

Are you sending the same year-end appeal to all your donors, the same email communications to your full list after an event, or blasting the same eNewsletter to everyone? See how simple segments can have a big impact on your fundraising success.

In this webinar, Laura Kruisenga, from Kennari Consulting talks through the basics of segmenting and the essential audiences to consider.

Key Takeaways:

  • How you don’t need demographic information, marketing data, personas, or wealth information to implement your plan
  • Which essential segments you should have (and how to pull the information from your database)
  • How basic segmenting can make a big impact on your donor communications and overall fundraising

This webinar will provide information and resources on how to segment your data to optimize and grow your annual donations!

Click here to download the slides

Meet the Speaker:

Laura Kruisenga, President & CEO, Kennari Consulting

Laura works with clients to build their annual fundraising programs with a particular focus on events, communications, and staffing. She is regularly featured as a presenter at local workshops and seminars on fundraising. Laura graduated from Adrian College with a degree in business administration and has over 20 years of fund development experience and is certified in the use of several databases, including Raiser’s Edge and Giftworks.

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