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Giving in a Down Economy: Performance Strategies for Any Market

The economy is complex, and uncertainty is high. What can the past tell us of the future of giving, and what are the programs to stay focused on for maximizing performance? This short session will cover four key focus areas that drive sustainable growth.

In this webinar, Lori Collins, SVP of Giving Sciences, from One & All explores how nonprofits can continue to grow and thrive when economic times are tough.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover four key focus areas that drive growth
  • Identify factors impacting the economy, with focus on those that impact charitable giving
  • Quantify recent giving performance compared to before and during the pandemic

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Meet the Speaker:

Lori Collins – SVP, Giving Sciences, One & All

Lori Collins leads One & All’s Giving Sciences group, which applies data science to charitable giving. Through extensive donor and market research, along with insights from supporters’ actual behaviors, she identifies ways fundraisers can leverage trends into enhanced programs and performance. An expert in her field, Lori has several decades of experience working with some of the largest commercial and nonprofits in the world, but prefers to use analytics for the greater good by helping social good organizations make a bigger impact in the work that they do.

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