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How to Get Participation—Not Just Ideas—From Your Board

Want to increase your board’s role in fundraising for your organization? We will share the four roles of fundraising for board members and how staff can best support this work. Not every board member may be willing or able to sit down and ask a donor for $10,000, but every board member has a role to play in fundraising! We’ll walk you through how to best get them engaged.

In this webinar, Mary Sumners from Kennari Consulting shares ways to improve your board fundraising.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the key ways to improve the impact of your board in fundraising for your organization.
  • Understand the four roles of fundraising for board members, and how staff can support this work.
  • Hear examples of board members who have played various functions in their organization towards its fundraising.
  • And much more!

This is a must-see session for nonprofit professionals working with their board on their organization’s fundraising.

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Meet the Speaker:

Mary Sumners, Vice President of Annual Giving, Kennari Consulting – Mary’s areas of expertise include annual giving strategies, capital campaign management, and board and volunteer committee support. Mary has tremendous knowledge on managing the day-to-day challenges of fundraising and enjoys facilitating the decision-making process with clients. She is especially passionate about helping boards become more inclusive and intentional in representing the communities they serve. She is also BoardSource certified, which has given her greater insight into how nonprofit boards can best support their organizations. Mary is regularly featured as a presenter at local workshops and seminars on fundraising and is featured in the Fundkit video series.

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