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How to use Alumni Engagement Metrics to Drive Results

Now in its third year, CASE’s Alumni Engagement Metrics (AEM) survey can provide your institution with benchmarks and insights to help shape your strategies and set goals. By collecting counts of alumni who are engaged philanthropically, as volunteers, experientially, and through communication, the survey provides a framework for measuring alumni engagement consistently across the globe.

In this session Jenny Cooke Smith, from CASE, shares key findings from their 2021 survey and next steps for using the results, especially as institutions begin to plan in-person and hybrid gatherings. Also included are key learnings from measuring engagement data, including suggestions for how to get started—even your institution doesn’t capture everything (and, spoiler alert, you never will!). You’ll come away with:

  • An understanding of the CASE framework for measuring alumni engagement
  • Key findings and trends from the newly released 2021 results
  • Suggestions for applying benchmarks for goal setting and strategic planning
  • A roadmap for future enhancements to the survey that are focused on making your results more actionable

If you’re looking to engage your alumni, this session is for you!

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Meet the Speaker:

Jenny Cooke Smith is the Director of AMAtlas Services for CASE. Jenny specializes in analyzing advancement trends, interpreting comparison benchmarks, and helping people understand the “stories behind the data.” Prior to joining CASE, Jenny spent 15 years in a variety of positions within Blackbaud’s Target Analytics, most recently leading donorCentrics™ benchmarking cohorts, which provide opportunities for institutions and organizations globally to review and discuss direct marketing and annual giving trends. She joined CASE in 2019 to help members find value through using CASE data and is most proud that, through projects like CASE’s Alumni Engagement Metrics, we can begin to answer questions such as “we know engagement leads to giving, but how do we show it?”

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