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How to Inspire Strong Giving Through a Virtual Event

Virtual events are the new norm, and while we miss seeing each other in person, they provide a new opportunity to share your mission in a different way.

Without the right plan in place, your virtual event and campaign goals can quickly flop. During this webinar Laura Kruisenga, COO of Kennari Consulting, takes a deep dive into the critical information and decisions you must make to pick the right type of virtual event for your audience. You’ll discover:

  • New ways to structure your own virtual event
  • How to prepare, execute, and follow up on your virtual event
  • Key components of maximizing the funds raised through your virtual event
  • Factors involved in creating a successful virtual event

If you watch this session, you’ll walk away with new ideas and inspiration to set up successful virtual events!

Click here to download the slides

Meet the Speaker:

Laura joined Kennari Consulting in 2010. In her role as COO, Laura oversees Kennari’s business operations and departments, ensuring the company’s growth is well-aligned with its mission and values. She also works with clients to build their annual fundraising programs with a particular focus on events, communications, and staffing. Laura’s practical coaching style and results-oriented strategies help her clients set realistic goals and achieve measurable results. Laura is regularly featured as a presenter at local workshops and seminars on fundraising and is featured in the Fundkit video series. Fundkit is a tool for fundraisers featuring video tutorials and downloadable tools, powered by Kennari Consulting. Learn more about Kennari Consulting at

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