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What Hollywood Screenwriters Can Teach Us About Fundraising

One of the most powerful ways to communicate and build relationships with donors is through storytelling. And some of the most successful storytellers are screenwriters. Ryan Thomas, President of Oneicity, an ad agency providing fundraising and marketing for nonprofits, will show you how storytelling techniques for movies and tv shows can be used to increase your nonprofit organization’s fundraising.

Join us as we host Ryan Thomas from Oneicity. We’ll discuss what we can learn from Hollywood screenwriters and become better storytellers. 

You will learn:

  • How screenwriters build and create characters  
  • How to use storytelling techniques to deepen donor relationships 
  • What questions to ask as you craft your leader’s voice 
  • How to help your nonprofit’s marketing voice connect with donors 

Download the slides here!

Meet the Speaker:

Ryan Thomas

In his role as President of his marketing and advertising agency, Oneicity, Ryan develops and executes fundraising campaigns of all kinds. Through direct mail, email, social media, digital ads, and holiday campaigns, his clients are seeing successful results and ROI year after year. 

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