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5 Steps to Recruit, Engage, and Effectively Manage Volunteers

We are in the midst of a mobilization crisis in our nation that is dramatically impacting nonprofits’ ability to recruit and retain the volunteers needed to further their mission. Join, Virtuous’ Rob Peabody, who created Virtuous Volunteer, to discuss practices that will drive more volunteers and dollars to your organization both year-round and leading up to the upcoming National Volunteer month this April.

Join us as we host Rob Peabody from Virtuous. We’ll discuss tips and insights for recruiting and managing volunteers effectively as well as creating a volunteer program that will drive more donations to your cause.

You will learn:

  • Best practices for recruiting, managing, and retaining volunteers
  • How to create an effective volunteer program
  • Ways to increase your donations year round

Download the slides here!

Meet the Speaker:

Rob Peabody

Rob Peabody is a champion of holistic generosity and the co-founder and president of VOMO. VOMO is a web-based platform and app that powers a global volunteer movement, recently acquired by Virtuous, a responsive nonprofit technology platform determined to move the needle on global generosity. 

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