Track Your Donors Like the Pros: Fundraising Takeaways from Online Retailers

One of the most important parts of online fundraising is understanding what promotional efforts are working and which aren’t. A big part of successfully understanding where your donors come from is tracking their activity online before they make a gift — but how can you be sure you’re getting accurate information?

To master their own online tracking, nonprofits can take a look at the tracking methods used by eCommerce sites like Amazon and others.

In this webinar, we’ll look at:

– How nonprofits can use eCommerce tracking methods to understand their donors’ activities
– How tracking donor activities can help us boost our marketing and promotion efforts
– How to evaluate donor data to improve our online activities
– And a ton more!

About the Speaker

Lindsey Lind serves as the Vice President at Oneicity. She works with nonprofits to generate increases in online income through campaigns that expand the bond with existing donors and captivate new ones. 

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