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Are Big Foot and Major Gifts Mere Legends? 3 Strategies to Set Up A Strong Individual Giving Program

Major gifts can often seem like Big Foot—there is a legend that they exist, other organizations seem to get large gifts, but there’s just not enough evidence in your organization to prove that they’re real. According to Giving USA, individual donors comprise nearly 90% of all philanthropy each and every year.  Rarely do donors make transformational gifts as first-time contributions or to organizations they’ve just gotten to know. This session explores three core truths to help you shape a multi-channel donor engagement plan that attracts, inspires, and retains donors at all levels—from Annual Fund supporters to mid-level donors and ultimately major gift investors.  

In this session, you will learn: 

  • How to get to know the donors you already have (and why you should want to) 
  • What donors actually want from your organization to inspire them to continue to give 
  • How to segment your donor database to focus on supporters who have potential and interest to upgrade their giving 
  • Donor cultivation practices that work 

You don’t want to miss this session! Save your spot and register today to learn valuable strategies that will boost your donor engagement and help you acquire major gifts. 

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Meet the Speaker:

Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE

Barbara has thirty years of annual fund, major gifts, and campaign fundraising experience at major non-profit organizations including Harvard University, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Oxford University in England, and the American Red Cross. Her consulting firm, Windmill Hill Consulting, helps non-profit organizations peel back the layers and develop a profitable fundraising strategy to build more effective donor relationships and catapult their revenue. She serves as past president of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Washington DC Metro Chapter and as a former member of the Advisory Panel for Rogare (Ro-gar-AY), The Fundraising Think Tank in the U.K.  Her firm, Windmill Hill Consulting, is a member of The Giving Institute and Barbara is very involved with the Giving USA Foundation. She is a frequent and sought-after presenter at national and international conferences. In 2020, Barbara joined the faculty at the University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute teaching nonprofit fundraising.

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