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Measuring Your Marketing Effectiveness: How Mature is Your Marketing?

Marketing effectiveness can be hard to measure, but we all face increased pressure to understand it and report on it. Where is your marketing working? What opportunities are you missing? Ultimately, marketing effectiveness equates to marketing maturity. Regardless of your organization’s size, your marketing ecosystem lives on a maturity spectrum—and where you stand today tells a story of where you’ll end up tomorrow.

Watch this webinar to hear from Mighty Citizen’s Chief Marketing Officer Rachel Clemens to learn how to measure your marketing maturity and effectiveness across six key categories: research & analytics, branding & strategy, marketing & SEO, UX design & content, technology, and team dynamics. From there, we’ll explore how to move from one stage of marketing maturity to the next. By the end of the webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Define what marketing maturity is and how it relates to marketing effectiveness
  • Understand the four stages of marketing maturity, including where each attendee’s organization lives on the spectrum
  • Take the next steps to achieve greater marketing effectiveness

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Meet the Speaker:

Rachel Clemens

Rachel Clemens builds things.  First, she built a career as a designer. Then, she built her own strategic communications firm helping organizations like United Way, Texas Restaurant Association, and countless others, increase revenue and awareness. In 2016, Rachel’s firm was acquired by TradeMark Media, and together they became Mighty Citizen. As Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel spends her days promoting Mighty Citizen’s services and thought leadership. She’s been a contributor for SGEngage, NTEN, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. With a background in messaging, branding, and design, Rachel has been a national speaker for conferences across the country.

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