New Tax Law: How Worried Should Your Nonprofit Be? Coping Strategies for Nonprofit Fundraisers

Since the big tax overhaul signed into law in December, there’s been much hand-wringing about the doubling of the standard deduction leading to a potential loss of more than $12 billion/year in charitable donations. The doubling of the estate tax exemption is expected to lead to billions more in losses to the social benefit sector. How worried should your nonprofit be? In this session, we’ll review both the challenges and the opportunities.

• Tips to approach major donors
• Tips to approach small and mid-level donors
• Institutional giving opportunities
• Legacy giving strategies
• Advocacy strategies
• Tax benefits language to use in appeals

About the Speaker

Claire Axelrad is the award-winning fundraising genius behind, an online fundraising school and resource for nonprofits who want to take their programs to the next level.

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