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Boards on Fire: Igniting Passion for Joyful Fundraising 

Fundraising is a vital component of board service. Many board members don’t understand and or are fearful of the role they should play to support fundraising. A culture of excitement about board fundraising is imperative for supplying your organization with the resources it needs to pursue its mission. In this webinar, fundraisers will address their board’s deep resistance to asking for money and learn how to fire them up to experience joy and satisfaction in securing philanthropic support.  

In this session you will:  

  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors  
  • Understand the deep resistance to board fundraising 
  •  Discover how to get your board fundraising ready  
  • Formulate a strategy to collaborate with the board to raise funds  
  • Verify the role of the board Development Committee  
  • Create your Board Fundraising Tool Kit  

Watch this on-demand webinar today to learn valuable strategies to build a culture of philanthropy with your board of directors!

Click here to download the slides.

Meet the Speaker:

Christal M. Cherry, The Board Pro, worked 23 years as a nonprofit fundraiser serving higher education institutions, seminaries, and human service organizations. Now as a board consultant for nonprofits, she equips and empowers boards to support their missions and change the world. Her services as Principal and CEO of The Board Pro include recruitment, governance, fundraising, conflict resolution and diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging. Christal earned an MA in Counseling from Hampton University, a BA in Liberal Arts from Hofstra University and professional development certifications in nonprofit leadership, social media fundraising, and nonprofit management. She recently earned certification as a Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach. She is a contributing author to Collecting Courage, a collection of first-person narratives from Black fundraisers documenting their experiences with racism in the nonprofit sector. In 2021, Christal authored her first children’s book, Mac and Cheez, Being Different is Okay which is available on Amazon.  

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