Rich Dietz: The Online Donor Journey: Maximize your online fundraising by walking in your donors’ shoes

While we have all heard the term “donor-centered fundraising” and agree with it in principle, are we really living up to that ideal?

Studies have shown nearly half of potential donors (47%) leave fundraising pages before completing a donation because the online journey is neither intuitive nor engaging. That stat should scare you! It also clearly reveals that we can improve the donors’ experience.

Join us as we walk through The Online Donor Journey Framework. By wholeheartedly walking in your donors’ shoes – from initial communications to appeals and landing pages to a plan for continuous follow-up – we will find areas for immediate improvement as well as larger concepts to work on over time. Rich will also discuss strategies to fully engage and motivate your supporters to pay attention and, most importantly, to take action. 

About the Speaker:

Rich Dietz began his nonprofit career when he was the director of a mentoring organization in college. He has spent the last 20 years working both in and with a wide variety of nonprofit, political, and government organizations as well as technology companies focused on the nonprofit sector.

It is this unique background and experience – working directly with nonprofit organizations AND working on the technology side – that allows him to better understand and assist nonprofit organizations with their technology needs.

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