Revolutionize Your Asks: How to Write Your Best-Ever Case for Support

Why should a donor support your organization?

Developing a Case for Support will help you answer that question. The Case very simply answers the question “Why?” The Case is also critical because it facilitates a consistent message for all your stakeholders and is the basis of all your fundraising and marketing efforts from the annual appeal to writing a grant.

Objectives: The Case for Support

1) Discover the value of a Case and how it is used
2) Learn the critical elements in a Case for Support
3) Understand the design elements of the document

About the Speaker 

Diana Hoyt believes that creating a strong fundraising program requires solid preparation. An important aspect of the preparation is writing a case for support. Diana has over thirty years of fundraising experience and has been the chief development officer for five Phoenix-based nonprofits. She is currently the Director of Business Development for Arreva.

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