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Building a Sustainable Future: A Guide to Healthy Fundraising

Take a deep dive into Qgiv’s recent research study, The Sustainable Giving Report. We understand that fundraising is not always an easy job. The expectations placed on fundraisers are high—crucial services and missions are dependent on an organization’s fundraising success! Throw in additional hurdles, such as donor numbers declining, inflation, and nonprofit teams being shaken up by the Great Resignation, and the challenge to raise more money with fewer resources is REAL!  

To  support the efforts of our nonprofit pals, Qgiv surveyed over 290 nonprofits and over 2,000 donors to learn how fundraising professionals can realistically raise more with less.  

In this session you will discover:  

  • Learn how economic uncertainty can affect donors’ giving habits and preferences.  
  • See the effects of the ‘Great Resignation’ on nonprofit teams and learn what fundraisers can do about it! 
  • Gain insight on which fundraising events are working well and how to ensure success at your  events!  
  • Hear the opinions of industry experts and ask questions you have on sustainable fundraising practices! 

Watch this on-demand webinar today to learn valuable strategies to build sustainable fundraising practices at your organization!

Click here to download the slides.

Meet the Speakers:

Mallory Erickson
Mallory Erickson is an executive coach, fundraising consultant, and host of the podcast What the Fundraising, aimed at supporting nonprofit leaders to fundamentally change the way they lead and fundraise. Through her signature framework, the Power Partners Formula™️, Mallory provides unique tools to help nonprofits fundraise more from foundations, corporate partners, and individuals. She has trained over 40,000 fundraisers using her unique win-win framework, which combines best practices from executive coaching, science-backed behavior design, and fundraising strategy.

Ephraim Gopin
Ephraim Gopin is the founder of 1832Communications, an agency which helps nonprofits build relationships with donors and raise more money through smart and effective marketing. 1832 partners with nonprofits to upgrade their website and online presence, improve their marketing and fundraising collateral, grow their media outreach efforts and boost their email marketing apparatus. Ephraim is always happy to connect with nonprofit pros on Twitter, LinkedIn, via his daily nonprofit newsletter or his weekly podcast.

Woodrow Rosenbaum
As Chief Data Officer for GivingTuesday, Woodrow Rosenbaum has been instrumental in shaping the GivingTuesday movement globally and has led groundbreaking research and analysis of individual giving behaviors. Woodrow’s experience in the for-purpose sector elevating giving behaviors has greatly impacted the way he approaches consumer strategies. 
Woodrow is also Founder and CEO of With Intent, an international consumer marketing agency. He has a long history of leading significant growth for top consumer brands by defining strategies, developing innovative business routes and expanding markets.

Jaime Van Essen
Jaime joined Kennari Consulting in 2012 after eight years working in the nonprofit sector. Jaime specializes in helping nonprofits build data systems and processes with donor management tools, online giving platforms, and communication methods that support their day-to-day fundraising activities. While these tools may not be the most glamorous part of fund development, Jaime firmly believes that maximizing data and systems management plays an integral role in successful fundraising.

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