Text-to-Give Costs: Your Top Questions Answered


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Many nonprofits have avoided adopting text-to-give due to apprehensions about how much it costs. They worry that they’ll have to invest a fortune in software, split donations with service carriers, shell out additional thousands for a phone number, and wait months to see the fruits of their labor.

Luckily, these misconceptions couldn’t be farther from the truth! The reality of the situation is that text-to-give technology is more advanced and affordable than ever before.

To prove it, we’re going to walk you through 6 of the most common questions about text-to-give costs:

  1. How much does text-to-give software cost?
  2. Are there any additional fees we need to factor in?
  3. Are there any limits to our software package?
  4. Will we have to allocate a portion of funds raised to the service carrier?
  5. Is there a cap on how much donors can give?
  6. How long will we have to wait for funds to hit our account?

We’ll address each of these concerns and reveal the true answers behind them so that your nonprofit will feel more confident about adopting text-to-give. Now let’s get started!

How much does text-to-give cost?

Q: How much does text-to-give software cost?


How much text-to-give software costs varies from vendor to vendor and can be expensive with some providers, but luckily, this technology is pretty affordable if you look in the right places.

At Qgiv, our text-to-give services come free with our Grow Level software plan or higher. To give you an idea of just how inexpensive text-to-give really is, let’s break it down by each of the packages we offer:

i.) Grow—$49/month

As its name would suggest, our Grow level plan is perfect for a growing nonprofit who needs robust online fundraising tools on a budget.

Along with our unlimited text giving service, our Grow plan includes a host of other useful features, such as:

  • Unlimited customizable donation pages and event registration forms.
  • Customizable confirmation screens.
  • Donation receipts.
  • Interactive reporting dashboards and custom reports.
  • Unlimited email and phone support.
  • A searchable knowledge base and live training.

And this list isn’t even exhaustive! To see the full feature set, make sure to check out our main pricing page.

ii.) Engage—$199/month

If your nonprofit has more extensive needs, Qgiv offers a more expansive Engage package that also includes text-to-give.

Our Engage package encompasses everything included in the Grow plan, as well as peer-to-peer fundraising features such as:

  • Customizable, individual fundraising pages.
  • Participant and team registrations.
  • Event storefronts.
  • Gamification features, like thermometers and badges.

In other words, your nonprofit can receive all of the benefits of online giving, text-to-give, and peer-to-peer fundraising software for under $200/month.

If your nonprofit has even greater needs, we also offer an Impact package that includes all of the aforementioned features, plus additional perks like a dedicated customer success coach, custom domains, donation page branding services, and mobile kiosks. Contact us for a free personalized quote!

The bottom line: Text-to-give packages will vary in price, but Qgiv’s pricing model attests to the fact that organizations of all sizes can adopt text-to-give technology at a price that will never break the bank.

Are there any additional fees we need to factor in?


Q: Are there any additional fees we need to factor in?


Any seasoned software shopper knows that the list price usually doesn’t account for all of the costs associated with fundraising software.

To be completely transparent: text-to-give is no different. Your nonprofit will more than likely have to shoulder some additional fees, but don’t worry—they’re relatively nominal in the grand scheme of things.

Just as with the list price, how many fees your nonprofit will incur depends on your vendor. At Qgiv, our fees vary based on what plan your nonprofit purchases:

  • Grow:
    • Payment processing fee: 3.95% + $0.30/transaction
    • Database integration fee: $49/month
  • Engage:
    • Standard donation page payment processing fee: 3.95% + $0.30/transaction
    • Peer-to-peer payment processing fee: 4.95% + $0.30/transaction
    • No database integration fee
  • Impact:
    • Contact us for a personalized quote

So why the additional fees, you may be wondering? While they might seem like an inconvenience, payment processing fees actually make text-to-give more affordable and lucrative in the long run.

Having to pay these fees signifies that your text-to-give service is equipped with its own payment processor, meaning donation transactions are handled separately from donors’ transactions with their cell service carriers (but more on the benefits of this model below!).

It’s also important to keep in mind that each of our plans comes with GiftAssist, a feature that provides donors with the option to cover all payment processing fees when they make a donation.

When presented with the option, many donors will choose to cover these fees. Of course, your nonprofit shouldn’t count payment processing costs out altogether, but at the very least, it’s a safe bet that you won’t have to worry about a portion of them.

The bottom line: Text-to-give services are usually subject to some additional payment processing and vendor fees. While these fees may seem like a necessary evil, they’re put in place to keep your text-to-give service running more efficiently and affordably.

Are there any limits to our software package?


Q: Are there any limits to our software package?


Many text-to-give vendors place a cap on their services, whether it be the number of text messages your nonprofit can receive, the number of shortcodes you can implement, or another factor.

Working with this model means that your nonprofit will have to shell out additional money if you exceed any of your vendor’s pre-set caps.

At Qgiv, we never want to penalize you for your success. That’s why you’ll never have to worry about paying additional fees when it comes to the scope of your service.

Our text-to-give packages really are unlimited. As long as you’re paying the monthly price associated with your plan, you’ll have access to unlimited donations and shortcodes, and there will never be a limit on how much donors can give.

The bottom line: Some vendors place a limit on their text-to-give plans, but never with Qgiv! When we say you’ll receive unlimited text giving services, we really mean unlimited.

Will we have to allocate a portion of the funds we raise to the service carrier?


Q: Will we have to allocate a portion of the funds we raise to the service carrier?


With earlier, less technologically-advanced iterations of text-to-give, donations first had to go through the service carrier before the could effectively be deposited in the nonprofit’s bank account.

After the donor texted in their donation, the gift amount would be added onto their phone bill. Since service carriers played a part in processing all text donations, nonprofits had to split a portion of the money they raised with an additional party.

While some text-to-give transactions are still handled similarly (specifically, providers who operate under the umbrella of the Mobile Giving Foundation), most powerful text-to-give providers no longer operate this way.

Now, most services have their own payment processors working behind the scenes to handle all of the steps that must occur to transfer the donation from the donor’s bank account to your nonprofit’s.

Since all donations are handled within the software itself, you’ll never have to split funds that could be furthering your cause with your donors’ cell service carriers. In fact, the carrier won’t even know the transaction is occurring!

The bottom line: Having to allocate a portion of funds to your donors’ cell service carriers should no longer be a concern when considering text-to-give software. Now, most text-to-give services are equipped with their own payment processors, so carriers won’t even see your donations.

Is there a cap on how much donors can give?


Q: Is there a cap on how much donors can give?


Text-to-give services that teamed up with service carriers also presented another downside: the carriers were placing an arbitrary $5-$10 cap on donation amounts.

On top of it all, due to processing fees, carriers were also limiting how many times donors could give within one billing cycle.

With donation amounts so low, limits on gift frequency, and the carrier taking a portion of the proceeds, it’s no wonder that so many nonprofits were paralyzed to start text giving! And while this model is the way of the past, unfortunately, it’s still left a bad taste in many organizations’ mouths.

Luckily, since text-to-give donation processing is no longer handled in this way, your nonprofit also won’t have to worry about any arbitrary caps limiting your mobile fundraising potential.

Since donations are handled separately, donors can give as much or as little as they’d like, making text-to-give a much sounder investment for most nonprofits.

The bottom line: Now that text donations no longer go through the service carrier, your nonprofit can accept even the largest donations through text-to-give!

How long will we have to wait for funds to hit our account?


Q: How long will we have to wait for funds to hit our account?


Having to work with the service carrier was not only costing nonprofits money; it was also costing them time.

Since donors had to first receive and pay the previous month’s phone bill before their donations could actually be complete, it was taking weeks on end for nonprofits to see the donations they had collected through text-to-give.

Such a delay really put a dent in organizations’ fundraising momentum and could make the whole process of text-to-give seem futile, serving as yet another reason why more nonprofits weren’t benefiting from this potentially lucrative channel.

But now, since text-to-give services are fueled by their own payment processors, the turnaround time for seeing funds is minimal.

With Qgiv and many other services, donations will hit your organization’s bank account in as little as two days!

The bottom line: Text-to-give transactions now take as few as two days, meaning your nonprofit can start utilizing the funds you raise sooner.

Now that we’re done clearing up the costs of text-to-give, we hope your organization has reconsidered opening up this donation channel.

If you’re ready to get started, make sure to request your free demo from Qgiv!

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