"I love Qgiv! I’ve been using it since its infancy, from when it was just donations. I’ve always loved everything. Qgiv’s customer support has always been great—no one laughs at you when you have a stupid question. You guys are always solution-oriented. I’ve asked a lot of questions and requested things that don’t exist, and over time they come into existence because they’re client needs." -Alice

"We have a lot of elderly donors and volunteers, and it’s really easy for them to use. The way we have it set up, it’s literally just a click of the button. Another great feature is the ability to give recurring donations. It’s simple and easy." -Sonia

Feature Favorites

Customer Experience Team

Online Donation Form

Recurring Donations

Alice Koehler

Chief Development Officer

Sonia Browning

Development/Special Events Coordinator
Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine


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