"The Port Aransas Art Center had no online event registrations before we were introduced to Qgiv. Other platforms had expensive monthly fees or complicated website integration that kept us at bay. The ability to link our event information to a Qgiv payment form was the perfect solution. It’s so easy that almost anyone can do it. Plus, with Qgiv we only pay for the service when it’s actually being used, not when it’s just sitting idle waiting for our next event.

Because of Qgiv’s versatility, we can tailor registration forms to fit the wide variety of programs and events that we offer whether they’re classes, workshops, art festivals, or other fundraising events.

We find it especially helpful that we can define the number of registrations or tickets available, and like being able to offer a variety of different levels or prices a constituent may choose. The immediate email notification when a registration has occurred, the ability to download reports for specific events, and the ease of integrating registrant information with our own records by exporting information in a spreadsheet format are all huge benefits. We also love being able to offer donors or registrants a way to cover our processing fees (we were surprised how often they chose to do so!).

Because of our confidence in Qgiv’s platform, we’re able to offer our constituents an easy, time-saving, and secure way to register for events online. With that knowledge, we’re more confident about actively promoting our events online through email campaigns and social media. It‘s a symbiotic relationship that we can see has increased participation. This year we were able to fill four summer youth art camps instead of one!"

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Laura Griffith

Board Member
Port Aransas Art Center


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