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Peer-to-Peer Event Spotlight - SPCA Florida


The SPCA Walk for Animals is an annual community-oriented peer-to-peer fundraising walk event with individual and team fundraising options. The event invites dog owners from the area to bring their furry friends out for a morning of fun and games, culminating in a group walk around a lake in the center of town. Sponsors from the community are on hand to provide fun, refreshments, and prizes for participants.


In conjunction with Qgiv's support team, they built and customized event pages to best meet their needs. Approaching the event as a team with Qgiv, simplicity of the registration portal, a user-friendly platform, and responsive support helped make the event successful! They even made custom fundraising badges by using the tools in our Badge Center!


The 2016 Walk for the Animals was a great success! 322 registrants signed up for the event. The Walk raised 101% of the organization’s fundraising goal – they aimed for $120,000 and wound up raising $121,157.

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SPCA Florida is a leading nonprofit organization building humane communities across the state of Florida. Founded in 1979 in Lakeland, FL, their mission is to eliminate suffering and to enhance the human-animal bond by engaging the entire community in the welfare and well-being of animals. The SPCA has gone from operating out of volunteers’ homes to becoming a multi-building facility that provides caring, compassion, and hope to more than 6,000 homeless cats and dogs each year.

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