Being a superhero is pretty cool. Being a person who inspires other people to be superheroes is even cooler.

That’s what makes Dan Harrison, CEO of NuPath, Inc. so special. He has the uncanny ability to see peoples’ potential, inspire them to make a difference, and support them in their work.

Dan’s superpower really shines at Walk the Walk, a peer-to-peer fundraiser to raise money to support the journey of autistic adults and adults with other developmental disabilities. Dan’s colleague, Brett Reily, says, “I’ve watched him, in such a strategic way, engage an employee in whom he sees maybe a faint sparkle. Dan’s goal in peer-to-peer fundraising has always been to create a competitive (but fair) playing field for all stakeholders, but he’s quick to identify those that may not rise up without his support.”

Supporting his staff and volunteers has made a huge impact for the nonprofit. Dan’s inspired a group of people to become superheroes who raise much-needed money to make a difference in their clients’ lives. With Dan’s help, participants in Walk the Walk have gone from raising an average of $90.20 (in 2014) to raising an average of $510.78 (in 2016).

Sure, Dan has some pretty great fundraising tools to back him up. But what really makes Dan a hero is his ability to recruit, inspire, and mobilize a base of other heroes who go out and change the world. Think of him as the Professor X of NuPath – a hero in his own right, and a supporter of a whole team of other heroes.

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