10 Fundraising Resources You Don’t Want to Miss

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The Internet is full of wonderful advice on fundraising, nonprofit marketing, and donor retention. It’s so full of wonderful advice, in fact, that knowing where to start reading can be a bit daunting. That’s why we decided to share these ten fantastic fundraising resources — they’re a great place to start! We’ve even included links to X accounts associated with each website.

Happy reading!

10 Fundraising Resources You Don’t Want to Miss

1. Nonprofit Tech for Good – @nonprofitorgs

Fundraising guru Heather Mansfield created Nonprofit Tech for Good as a way to help charities succeed using “nonprofit technology, online communications, and mobile and social fundraising.” Her blog is a goldmine of valuable content and she uses lots of examples from real nonprofits, which is always helpful and inspiring. She also offers webinars on everything from social media best practices to how to revamp newsletters and e-mail campaigns.

2. The Fundraising Authority – @FundraisingAuth

Joe Garecht is a professional fundraiser with tons of insight into the nonprofit sector. His blog posts cover a dizzying array of topics from fundraising myths to silent auction tips to donor retention guidelines. Garecht also offers a “Beginner’s Guide to Fundraising,” which is a helpful collection of topical articles that are valuable to new fundraisers and seasoned professionals alike.

3. The Social Side of Giving – @BWF_Social

According to the site, “The Social Side of giving is a blog run (mostly) by BWF_social’s Justin Ware.” The blog’s title is pretty indicative of the topics they cover — the blog is an amazing source for articles on how social media and fundraising work hand in hand. Want to know how nonprofits are using Instagram to boost awareness? Interested in tips on measuring your social media’s ROI? This is a good place to start.

4. Getting Attention!@NancySchwartz 

Nancy Shwartz is a great read for nonprofits who want to work on boosting their fundraising and donor base through marketing. Her articles run the marketing gamut — every conceivable topic is covered in one article or another. She also frequently hosts guest bloggers who offer unique, refreshing ideas about topical issues they encounter in the nonprofit sector.

5. J Campbell Social Marketing@JuliaCSocial

This blog is a treasure trove of social marketing information. Julia Campbell set out to help fundraising professionals deal with the challenges they face every day, including, according to her site, “isolation, wearing multiple hats, high expectations, and increasing responsibilities.” She offers blog articles, webinars, and other methods to help nonprofits reach their fundraising goals.

6. John Haydon@JohnHaydon

John Haydon’s passionate about nonprofit storytelling, and his passion is evident in his resume. He’s the author of the book Facebook Marketing for Dummies, is a partner at SocialBrite, is a founder of The Social Media Fundraising Club, and works as a fundraising consultant. He posts a ton of valuable resources, especially on his X feed!

7. The Fundraising Coach@MarcAPitman

Fundraising trainer Marc A. Pitman’s goal is to “help nonprofit board members get excited about asking for money” and to help people navigate the “extreme sport” that is charity fundraising.  He offers tons of good advice on his Extreme Fundraising Blog and lots of fun extras like Movie Mondays for Fundraising Professionals (you get a short interview with a professional fundraiser in your inbox every Monday!). Plus, he wears a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

8. Pamela Grow@PamelaGrow

Pamela Grow focuses her attention on fundraising for small nonprofits; according to her site, she offers “maximum fundraising results in minimum time for the one-person nonprofit development department!” Her website offers different resources, both for sale and at no cost, including books, blog entries, fundraising courses, and more.

9. Derrick Feldmann@DerrickFeldmann

If you’re interested in millennial engagement, social media, and creative fundraising ideas, Derrick Feldmann is someone to keep track of. Both his blog and his X feed are full of studies, articles, and ideas about reaching across the generation gap to connect with young, up-and-coming generations of donors.

10. Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog – @KiviLM

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of good communication in the fundraising sector. Luckily, Kivi Leroux Miller offers excellent advice on everything from content marketing to mobile fundraising to proper hashtag usage. Miller places a lot of emphasis on guest bloggers and interviews with fundraising professionals, so her blog is chock-full of unique perspectives on nonprofit communications and fundraising.

Do you have a favorite fundraising resource we didn’t cover in this entry? Let us know in the comments, on our Facebook, or on X!

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