4 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Web Traffic

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A while ago, we covered some good tips for increasing traffic to an online donation page using social media, e-mail, and your website itself. But, as a friend of ours pointed out, building strategies to get people on your donation page isn’t helpful if people aren’t on your page at all. And he was right! That’s why we compiled 4 very simple ways to increase traffic to your webpage.

1. Refresh Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This one takes a little research. Use tools like Google Analytics to figure out what keywords and search terms are bringing people to your website and go from there. Updating your site’s meta tags and descriptions, using common keywords in your content, and using SEO tools to improve your site’s ranking in search engines will help improve your site’s visibility and attract readers.

2. Keep Your Site Up-To-Date

Has your website been updated recently? If it hasn’t, you’re probably losing the interest of lots of potential supporters, especially young people. Studies show that 75% of young donors are turned off by out-of-date webpages… and that’s just people who are in their 20s or early 30s!

Take a few hours to get your site up to speed. Update statistics and figures, replace dated event information, add new pictures and stories and, while you’re at it, give your website a quick face lift. If your website looks dated, that will also make people think twice about staying on your page.

3. Add Content Regularly

Consistently adding new content to a nonprofit website can seem intimidating, especially to smaller organizations whose staff balance multiple duties and job titles. Adding new information to your site on a regular  basis, though, will keep your audience coming back (they don’t want to read the same thing over and over again!) and will help you come up with neat stuff to post on your social media. Adding content that contains popular search terms will also help you build visibility for your site.

4. Use Newsletters and Printed Materials

After you’ve started adding new content, given your site a face lift, and updated event and organization information, use newsletters and other outlets to draw attention to your site. Think about why people would want to look at your website and include that information in promotional materials. Do you have a cool event coming up? Did you just publish a blog article about something you did for your community? Did you publish a bunch of pictures from your volunteers? Let people know, and then link them to your page. Offering something fresh and unique is key!

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