BloomCon 2017 X Round-up

Fundraising Ideas

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We just got back from BloomCon 2017! There were so many amazing speakers—we just have to share some of our favorite words of wisdom from the day.

Takeaway: It’s not all about you! Show your donors that you’re interested in them and their well-being. By getting to know your supporters as people (through appreciation events, surveys, etc.), and not just as sources of money, you’ll create a stronger, longer-lasting bond with them. Knowing your donors and their personal reasons for giving can go a long way!

Takeaway: A great way to create donor loyalty is to think of your donors as your customers…you need to provide top-notch service! If you worked for a company and your customers suddenly started leaving bad reviews or complaining, you’d immediately want to find out how you could improve your service! Treat your donors like royalty—it’s your job to make them feel appreciated and valued! Check out this article on the topic.

Takeaway: By personalizing everything and paying attention to even the tiniest of details, you can get one step closer to showing your donors you know them. Even your online thank-you page should get some attention.

Takeaway: It’s nearly impossible to thank a donor too much. People give because it makes them feel good about themselves. Think of each thank-you as a little drop of joy in your donor’s lives! You can find more ways to thank your donors here!

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