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Girl Scouts of Gateway Council serves more than 19,000 members across North Florida, and their service area includes 35 different Florida counties. In order to raise the money they need to continue that level of service, the council launched an innovative campaign to capitalize on the 2020 leap year. Because leap years only occur once every four years or so, they created their 366 Days of Giving Campaign.

Instructions for 366 Days of Giving Campaign

How it works

On their campaign website, donors are presented with a 2020 calendar. Donors then click to reserve their favorite day of the year. Each day has a corresponding donation amount from $1.00 to $366.00. Once you’ve reserved your day and made the donation, your date appears in grey and no one else can reserve that same day. This encourages donors to reserve their day quickly or increase their donation amount by reserving another day later in the year.

This campaign style asks for 366 individuals to reserve a day or for donors to reserve multiple days until a donation comes in for every day of the calendar year. Because the dollar amounts don’t reset from month to month, the person reserving December 31, 2020 is asked to donate $366.

This campaign is simple to execute! Girl Scouts of Gateway Council. did it with a specially-designated webpage and a standard Qgiv form. Even though this campaign is meant to begin in 2020, reservations have already started coming in (two months early!), so they’re off to a great start!

How you can emulate this campaign

You’ll need to designate a page of your website or create a designated campaign for this purpose and build out your calendar for 2020. Then, link a Standard Qgiv donation form to each day on your calendar. The Girl Scouts had the donation amount as a package price for that day, and no one else can donate that amount once that reservation is taken.

Setting up a campaign the way Girl Scouts of Gateway Council did it may seem a bit tricky, but our Customer Experience team is willing and able to help get you all set up. Send them an email to for assistance building your campaign donation form and for tips and tricks to improve the success of your fundraising campaign.

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