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As a fundraiser, you likely know that easy, eye-catching donation forms can help your organization raise more money. You also probably know how to make your forms match your branding. But did you know your donation form can be more than a way to accept donations or register guests for an event? Charlotte’s Day, a nonprofit that provides high chairs, at no cost, to families who have children currently working with a feeding therapist, uses their donation forms for unique fundraisers like Sweepstakes and “pick-a-number” campaigns. They’ve mastered the art of making giving a game by modifying their donation forms.

Their donation forms add an element of gamification

Charlotte’s Day created their Pick-a-Number Fundraiser form using single-use packages for each donation amount. That number corresponded with the dollar amount the donors participating in the campaign would give. They could choose one number or several, when making their gift. Once numbers were used, the form displayed “Sold Out” so donors had to choose other donation amounts. This encouraged giving early and may have also inspired donors to give more than they’d originally planned for the sake of participating in this unique giving game campaign. Donors had to visit the form early in the campaign to make gifts in their desired amount. Setting up their form this way not only created a unique giving experience, it encouraged donors to give early.

Take a look at their giving form for donation form inspiration:

Pick a number donation form

Unique donation forms get shared

Having a unique donation form makes it more likely that others will share it. Charlotte’s Day used their form to accept donations in exchange for entry into a sweepstakes they ran. Because their form incentivized giving with a chance to win a prize, supporters motivated by the prize were able to share the link and encourage friends and family to make gifts for more sweepstakes entries. Sweepstakes forms don’t need a high level of customization. However, Charlotte’s Day did a great job of letting donors know their gifts counted toward sweepstakes entry. They accomplished this by changing the text of their donation form submission button.

Charlotte's Day Sweepstakes Entry Button on Donation Forms


Your organization’s donation forms are a great tool for accepting donations online—especially when you customize them to create a unique experience that makes your supporters want to share them. As you can see, Charlotte’s Day kept their form clean and simple while adding unique elements that made giving more like a game. Incorporating a sweepstakes into their donation form also incentivized giving and sharing the form. Get creative with your campaigns! Let your donation forms reflect the uniqueness of your organization. However, always keep user experience top of mind when designing your form. You can have an absolutely stunning form, but if it’s hard to use, your supporters won’t be as likely to make gifts.

Want some help configuring a donation form for a unique campaign or event? Contact us! Our Customer Experience team is ready to help you create great donation forms.

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