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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Fundraising, is an empowering way your nonprofit’s most loyal supporters can take charge and raise funds to support your cause. Encouraging your donors to engage in DIY Fundraising gives them a stake in the success of your organization and can reinforce the value you place on them.

You may be asking yourself, what kind of activities count as DIY Fundraising?

The beauty of a do-it-yourself fundraiser is that they can come in many forms with varying degrees of involvement and difficulty. Donors giving their birthday to your organization by accepting donations instead of gifts is an example of an easy, low stress DIY Fundraiser. For those who want to get a bit more involved, donors can take an activity they love and turn it into a community event in support of your nonprofit.

Creating a 5K, hosting a cooking class, or holding a game-a-thon are ways individuals and groups have raised funds for charities of their choice. These are more involved and require a bit of skill in event planning. If your donors are using their creativity and determination to hit their fundraising goals, any idea can become a good DIY Fundraising concept.

If you want to create a strong DIY Fundraising program at your nonprofit, incentivize DIY giving. Show your supporters you care by offering meaningful gifts of appreciation that represent your nonprofit. This could be branded merchandise, tickets to your fundraising events, or even a plaque or award for their fundraising accomplishments.

Hey Qgiv clients! Here are two examples of clients taking advantage of DIY Fundraising pages on their websites.

Pinky Swear Foundation

The Pinky Swear Foundation, one of our clients that treats children with cancer, has set up a DIY Fundraiser page on their website that highlights the top DIY Fundraisers raising funds for their organization. Another awesome feature on their page is the thermometer showing would-be DIY Fundraisers how these campaigns have made a difference for their nonprofit.

Check out their DIY Fundraising page for inspiration.


Another client who has seen tremendous success by setting up a DIY Fundraising page is Cityteam, a nonprofit that combats hunger and homelessness. They blended eye-catching imagery and text to create different DIY Fundraiser categories. The page offers an option for donors to create their own unique fundraisers, but also give the option to set up Fundraisers for birthdays, weddings, memorials and more.

Take a look at their great example of a DIY Fundraising page that gets people motivated to set up their own fundraisers.

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