Haiku For You For World Poetry Day

Fundraising Ideas

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We know that stress levels are high because of COVID-19, but we thought it would be nice to take time out to appreciate the little things – in this case, World Poetry Day. What better way to celebrate poetry than to write poems about our favorite subject – you! Our staff sat down and wrote some haiku in honor of nonprofits. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place.


Unspoken heroes
Engaged in heated battle
A CRM Sync

Fundraising brain storm:
Well-meaning board member asks,
“Have we tried Oprah?”

“Are you from heaven?”
You ask. “Or are you a new
 recurring donor?”

What rest is so sweet
As sleeping in after the
Annual gala?

The world is hurting—
That’s when we do the most good.
We will get better.

Thank you, nonprofits.
When the world is falling down,
You help us get up.

In times of darkness,
We all take comfort in light.
You all are the light.

Hang in there, you guys—
Walk, play, read, breathe, and stay home.
Make all virtual.

The world is better
Because you make it that way,
Awesome nonprofits

Giving of yourself
Is the greatest kindness you
Can give to the world

In so many ways,
You change the world we live in
For the good of all

We appreciate
the positivity you
Bring to all our lives

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