Bright Idea: Engage Donors With a Holiday Fundraiser


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Who They Are

The LeaderShop is a youth development focused organization whose mission is to empower youth to become community-minded individuals through diverse programs that foster confidence, knowledge, and leadership. The LeaderShop is guided by their core values and they aspire to build a growing network of energized youth that are engaged in their community.

The Leadershop leveraged an anonymous $10,000 gift by making it into a double your donation campaign for their holiday fundraiser.

What They Did

The LeaderShop created a holiday fundraiser called Ornaments of Hope. Supporters could purchase wooden snowflake ornaments in one of their signature colors- green, teal, orange, silver, purple, or yellow. Each color was tied to one of their core values and was assigned a different price point. For example, a green ornament represented resilience and was a $10 donation whereas a purple ornament was a $100 donation and represented knowledge.

Each donation level included an impact statement that explained how donor dollars would be used. Additionally, each donation to the holiday fundraiser was matched up to $10,000 thanks to an anonymous donor and they included an FAQ section regarding shipping on their form’s landing page.

The Leadershop used impact statements to educate donors on how funds would be used in support of their mission.

What You Can Do

Do you have a holiday fundraiser in the works? It’s never too early to start planning or to think through different strategies to create an even more successful campaign! If you’re going to sell a product for a donation, consider adding impact statements to each amount like The LeaderShop did or think through other creative ways to spotlight your mission. Impact images are another great way to connect with donors. If you’re planning on a holiday-themed item sale, do you have any signature colors you can incorporate or symbols that represent your mission?

Also, don’t forget to manage your donors’ expectations when it comes to logistics! Include an FAQ section so supporters know what to expect in terms of shipping time or local pickup options like The LeaderShop did and consider adding some of this information into donation receipts.

Another great component of the LeaderShop’s holiday fundraiser was that donations were matched up to $10,000 and this is typically appealing to donors looking to make an even bigger impact. You may have a generous individual in mind to ask to help match funds, but if not, consider scouting out a corporate sponsor (or several!) that are willing to help with a match. You could even create a custom sponsor level to recognize their efforts and you can get some inspiration on how to build out sponsor levels or how to make the ask by checking out this article.

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