How Qgiv & DonorPerfect Saved Spay & Neuter Kansas City Tons of Time

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This is a true story about how the proper automation tools can make your job as a fundraiser easier.

Spay & Neuter Kansas City switched to Qgiv and streamlined their online giving process. They saw a dramatic increase in giving, but with that increase in gifts came an increase in the time spent manually entering data into their CRM. By using the Qgiv and DonorPerfect service integration, the organization was able to overcome this inefficiency and reclaim hundreds of hours of time lost to manual data entry.

Life Before Using Qgiv and DonorPerfect

Michelle Rivera, the CEO of Spay & Neuter Kansas City, was spending 5-6 hours a week manually entering transaction information from Qgiv into DonorPerfect. Because they use Qgiv for several different purposes including online donation forms, event registrations, peer-to-peer registrations, and peer-to-peer donations, manual data entry was tedious and time consuming. An exceptional attention to detail was needed to ensure the information was entered correctly.

With 5-6 hours each week devoted to manual data entry, Michelle and her team didn’t have as much time to devote to fundraising. This meant less time was available to come up with fundraising campaigns and events to help them reach their fundraising goals. Spay & Neuter Kansas City relied on those funds to help alleviate animal homelessness by spaying and neutering stray animals.

Michelle knew that her team needed to spend less time performing manual data entry in order to maximize their fundraising performance.

Implementing the Qgiv and DonorPerfect Integration

Spay & Neuter Kansas City discovered that Qgiv offered a service integration with their CRM, DonorPerfect. With this service integration, they were able to export their Qgiv transaction data into the CRM with no manual data entry required.

They simply mapped the data fields from Qgiv to their corresponding fields in DonorPerfect, excluded data from non-donation forms, and scheduled when the data should export.

Soon after, their DonorPerfect CRM was automatically updated with the latest data from Qgiv. Their existing donor accounts were automatically updated with new gifts, and donor accounts were automatically created for those making first-time gifts.

The Difference

Through implementation of the DonorPerfect service integration, Spay & Neuter Kansas City was able to save the 5-6 hours per week they’d normally spend doing manual data entry. From the date of implementation of the integration in November 2017 and the date they shared their feedback with us in mid-2019, they’ve saved between 350-420 hours of manual data entry.

That’s 14 to 17 days of saved time they can use to focus on their mission of ending pet homelessness in Kansas City through preventative services.

With the time they saved, they’ve had more time to devote to their fundraising strategy. They’ve increased monthly giving efforts and added monthly supply drive campaigns using the Qgiv peer-to-peer platform.

Since November 2017, Spay & Neuter Kansas City’s giving has grown 190% year over year with no signs of slowing down!

Want to Learn More?

Existing customers can get help setting up a service integration by contacting the customer experience team at

If you’re not already using Qgiv for your online fundraising but want to see a demonstration of our online donation forms or to request info on available service integrations, request a demo to see if our tools are right for your nonprofit!

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