How Special Olympics Chicago Tracks Fundraising Progress from Multiple Sources

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Who they are

Special Olympics is the world’s largest program for sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, inspiring greatness in more than 5 million athletes in 172 nations worldwide. Because of Special Olympics, the world has witnessed the courage, character, dedication, dignity and worth of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. When the Chicago chapter of the Special Olympics launched their 2022 Polar Plunge fundraising campaign, they implemented a Fundraising Hub to track donations from multiple sources in a single location. Here’s how they used Qgiv’s Fundraising Hub to simplify the process of tracking funds from multiple sources. 

What is a fundraising hub?

A fundraising hub is a tool created by Qgiv to track fundraising from multiple sources in a single place. Users can track fundraising from individual donation forms, peer-to-peer events, and other sources all on one page to make showing progress toward their overall campaign goals simple and convenient. 

How Special Olympics Chicago used Qgiv’s Fundraising Hub feature 

Screen shot of Special Olympics Chicago's Polar Plunge event page with a fundraising thermometer showing progress toward their goal.
Special Olympics Chicago’s ongoing Polar Plunge events are well on their way to their fundraising goal of $2,000,000.

Special Olympics Chicago knew they’d have registrants from multiple sources for their Polar Plunge event. Instead of keeping these three registration options separate and manually totaling the amount raised for their campaign, they use a Fundraising Hub featuring a thermometer that shows the progress to their overall goal. Fundraisers who register for the event and donate or raise funds will see their fundraising progress applied to the overall goal rather than just to the event they registered for. 

Special Olympics Chicago used their Fundraising Hub as the main event page for their Polar Plunge. From this page, users can register as a ComEd, Peoples Gas, or Jackson plunger. There are three buttons on the right side of the Fundraising Hub for this purpose, and clicking a specific button takes you to the registration form for that particular classification. 

This makes their Fundraising Hub a one-stop shop for all of their plungers, and they can track fundraising progress toward their goal using the same page. 

What you can do

You can emulate their success with a Fundraising Hub. If you’re hosting a peer-to-peer event with different classifications and funds that you need to keep separate while also wanting to see progress toward an overall campaign goal, a Fundraising Hub homepage is the perfect option for you. 

You can create a fundraising thermometer that shows funding from all of these sources and even offer visitors the option to register for events directly on that page by choosing the correct classification. 

The best part? Qgiv offers free unlimited support to clients so you can get valuable advice and assistance setting up your Fundraising Hub. 

Want to see how you can easily track multiple campaigns and events with a Fundraising Hub? We’d love to show you around!

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