Love and the Scent of Freshly-Baked Cookies are in the Air

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This Saturday, one of our Canadian customers, Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, will open their kitchens to the community to bake and decorate Valentine’s Day cookies for children who need help getting enough to eat for lunch. Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada, the organization invites members of the community to come together to show love and support for Calgary kids by baking Valentine’s Day cookies for them! This cute cooking class helps the organization serve a special Valentine’s Day lunch to the approximately 4,200 kids they provide lunches for each school day.

For $25.00, event attendees make and decorate special heart-shaped cookies that help those served by this amazing organization! Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids feeds thousands of kids each school day with an average cost of only $2.00 per lunch to make and deliver. They serve children of all ages from elementary to high school.

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids became an independent charitable organization in 2002. The organization relies on more than 600 volunteers to make and deliver lunches to 220 schools across Calgary. They provide both full lunches and supplemental additions to lunches for children who aren’t getting adequate nutrition. They show their love for Calgary’s public school children every school day. If you look at the organization’s website and Facebook page, you can see how much the kids who receive these lunches love them back. Their Facebook page is packed with messages of thanks from kids they’ve served. Their website tells the stories of several people who benefited from this program.

At Qgiv, we love the dedication and love put into the school lunches made by volunteers and staff at Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids. It would be easy to make boring but nutritious lunches for kids in need, but they go out of their way to add variety and special items (like Valentine’s Day cookies!) to make each school lunch a little sweeter.

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