Meet Nyla: The 11-Year-Old Founder of Nyla B. Foundation

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What were you up to when you were 11? I was in 7th grade, doing my best to smooth my frizzy hair and not get food stuck in my braces. 11-year-old Nyla Beasley, however, has done some big things! Earlier this year, she started her own nonprofit, the Nyla B. Foundation. During an interview, she told me all about the Foundation and what she hopes will become of it.

S: Tell me a little about yourself!

Nyla: I’m 11. My favorite things to do are play soccer, draw pictures with pastels, do ballet, and put my lights in different locations in my room.

S: How old were you when you started the Nyla B. Foundation?

Nyla: I started the foundation this year.

S: What made you want to start a nonprofit?

Nyla: What made me want to start a nonprofit organization is that sometimes, that commercial pops up on TV talking about how the kids with cancer fight for their lives at St. Jude’s. It made me wonder how I can help.

S: Tell me about what the Nyla B. Foundation does.

Nyla: I collect monetary donations, art supplies, and school supplies for kids in the hospital. Any surplus is sent to Africa. The main area in Africa is Kenya, but I would like to eventually expand to help the hospitals there, too.

S: How do you get the word out about your organization?

Nyla: My mom helps me spread the word on my social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. I set up a table at Walmart and participate in fundraisers. We also partner with my church to get donations.

S: Do you partner with any other nonprofits? Who?

Nyla: There is a nonprofit I partner with called Develop Africa. They were recommended by UNICEF. When I have a surplus of school supplies or other items, I ship them to Develop Africa and they help me with the shipping costs to Africa. The items support the kids of Kenya.

S: What do you hope the future holds for the Nyla B. Foundation?

Nyla: I hope the future holds great things for the Foundation! I’d like to have a scholarship, internships, and I hope it continues as I get older.

S: Do you have any tips for other young people who might want to start their own nonprofit?

Nyla: Yes! You should work with your parents and look for resources to get started. You can also search the web or local library to get information on the cause of your choice.

S: How can people help your organization?

Nyla: They can contact me via my website,, and become an Ambassador. I’ll provide all of the details for what is needed to get involved!

Head to the Nyla B. Foundation website to read more about the organization and Nyla’s latest campaign, which is collecting blankets for the homeless in her area!

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