Okay, Fundraisers—Let’s Huddle Up (Figuratively, Of Course)

Fundraising Ideas

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It’s here (well, almost). Giving Tuesday! It’s pep talk time. You’ve prepared for this. You’re ready.

You’ve put together the stories, the images, the emails, the social media posts. All your hard work is paying off right now!

Over the next few hours, you’ll connect with donors from all over your community and state—maybe even the whole country! If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the unofficial start of the holiday-season fundraising period, remember these things:

  • You’re not trying to connect with a nameless, faceless public. You’re connecting with real-life people who are passionate about your cause.
  • Your work is important, and the money you raise is going to achieve a tremendous amount of good!
  • You don’t need to sweat the small things. If you’ve noticed a typo or think one of your pictures is a little blurry, don’t worry. I promise your donors won’t care.
  • You’ve been working really hard. It’s okay to be tired or overwhelmed. At the end of Giving Tuesday, go home and take a nap. You earned it.
  • Your mental wellness is important. Remember to take care of yourself! Go for a walk, stretch at your desk, text your best friend, do whatever you need to do to stay calm and relaxed throughout the day (and the rest of the month).

You’re entering the busiest time of year for fundraising professionals, and I want you to know that the whole Qgiv team is cheering for you. If you’re a Qgiv client, please give us a call or email us if you need help with anything. If you’re not a Qgiv client, we hope you still tweet at us or talk to us on Facebook!

You’re an indispensable part of your organization, and your work is going to make a direct impact on your community. Take care of yourself and enjoy the ride!

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