Qgiv Partner Showcase: DonorPerfect


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Are you familiar with the song “Together We Can Change the World”? Its lyrics tell us to “lay the puzzle pieces out” to find out what it’s all about. That’s how it is working with our partners and nonprofit friends. We need to look at all fundraising “pieces” and lay them out to see how they best fit together and how we can collaboratively help. 

Meet DonorPerfect, one of Qgiv’s long-standing strategic partners. DonorPerfect is a one-stop fundraising software solution that helps nonprofits manage everything from donations, contacts, reporting, email, and other fundraising initiatives. 

DonorPerfect was originally created by a woman named Robin Stark back in 1985. She found that there was a massive need for nonprofits to computerize their fundraising records. A few short years later, Softerware became the DonorPerfect world-wide distributor and parent company, realizing the software had the exact flexibility and features they wanted to be aligned with. 

Qgiv and DonorPerfect are always looking out for ways to help nonprofits fulfill their passion to make a difference and just like the song, change the world.  

We asked our friends at DonorPerfect a few icebreaker questions to help you get to know them better. 

Q: Tell us a bit more about DonorPerfect


DonorPerfect is a comprehensive solution for donor management and fundraising, with everything nonprofits need to grow. It helps your team manage donations, contacts, receipting, reporting, communications, and fundraising initiatives from a single system. With automatic monthly giving, integrated online donation forms, standard and custom reports, Constant Contact email, auction management, and a network of integrated partner solutions, DonorPerfect is ideal for organizations of all sizes.   

Q: How did you end up partnering with Qgiv?


As in independently owned business, our partnerships are selected based on services that will benefit our clients the most. Qgiv provides excellent advanced form options and Peer-to-peer giving making them an ideal partner to further nonprofits’ missions.

Q: What services do you offer? 


With custom reporting, donor giving history and communication records, online gift processing, and multi-channel donor outreach, and administrative automation DonorPerfect is a hub for nonprofit fundraising and donor management. 

Q: What makes DonorPerfect different?


For more than 40 years, DonorPerfect has been serving nonprofits and helping fundraisers to achieve their goals.  

Q: What types of organizations do you work with?


Everyone! From small to mid and large nonprofit organizations.  

Q: Why should nonprofits consider working with you?


Our passion for people isn’t just fueling our products. It’s part of our company culture. For more than 40 years, DonorPerfect has been independently owned, answering to our clients and not private investors.  

Q: What is one of your success stories?


Working together, DonorPerfect and Qgiv helped solve Orange County School of the Arts and its sister school, California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley’s unique fundraising need of having one platform that would support online forms and websites for two schools with thirty-three arts programs and foundations for each school. 

The school’s solution is using DonorPerfect as their robust and comprehensive CRM and Qgiv’s more advanced forms and fundraising platform. Read more

Q: Is there anything interesting coming up in 2022?


This year, DonorPerfect has added several new features and integrations to support nonprofits. From fundraising success meters and DP Social Campaigns to exclusive Constant Contact email templates, DonorPerfect continues to innovate so nonprofits can focus on their mission. Additional donor insights and nightly NCOA updates are coming soon.  

As the lyrics in “Together We Can Change the World” say, we hope that Qgiv, along with our strategic partners, like DonorPerfect, can help you as you work on laying out the pieces of your fundraising puzzle.  We’re here to help! 

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