Qgiv Partner Showcase: Give Back Nation

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Meet Give Back Nation! They’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves and supports 540+ other nonprofits with cutting-edge tools, knowledge, hands-on impact coaching, opportunities assessments, technology implementation, campaign development, strategy development and more.

Give Back Nation is a result of a small group of philanthropic entrepreneurs giving back.

We had the opportunity to talk with Kyle Gregory, who co-founded the organization with his father, Nicholas, in 2006.

Prior to that, leveraging over forty years of financial services experience and his vast network of financial advisors, Nicholas established The Charitable Capital Design Center to educate the financial sector on the benefits of planned giving and working with nonprofit organizations. While helping to raise hundreds of millions of dollars a year, he began working and talking with nonprofits further and learned more about their fundraising challenges. This led him to think of other ways to help and the idea for Give Back Nation was formed.

The organization has developed itself into a one-stop resource where nonprofits can get help with anything and everything, from branding and storytelling to fundraising to board alignment, all with a hands-on, concierge support approach. Their team of vetted partners has helped thousands of nonprofits to increase efficiency, fundraising, and impact.

Give Back Nation helps nonprofits down the yellow brick road by getting them the resources and support they need to thrive—not just survive.

Like Give Back Nation, Qgiv exists to make a difference. We’ve enjoyed partnering since 2015 and love being able to connect and leverage our combined experience to help organizations succeed.

Q: Tell us a bit more about Give Back Nation,


We believe nonprofit organizations shouldn’t need to spend extensive time or money searching for or receiving the support, solutions, and guidance they need to thrive. We’re passionate about helping impactful causes streamline, elevate, and expand their initiatives to create bigger waves of impact in their communities and across the country.

Q: What services do you offer?


Each year, we invest hundreds of hours vetting, researching, and testing technology, resources and best practices to help organizations quickly find and select the most dynamic, capable, and complete solutions to expedite success. We also provide enhanced support, like unlimited coaching, strategy, and feedback, to help maximize the fundraising ecosystem, which is everything needed to work efficiently and effectively to raise funds. We assist our organizations with branding, storytelling, technology tools, planned giving implementation, engagement strategy, events, staffing, board alignment, data management, and almost anything you can think of. It always starts with a complimentary brainstorming call to learn more and see what opportunities might exist.

Q: How did you end up partnering with Qgiv?


Five to six years ago, we happened upon Qgiv when we were looking at online fundraising platforms. We spent considerable time demoing the system—beating it up, learning it. We looked at twelve or thirteen different platforms and really spent time, as we do with a lot of different tools in the nonprofit space. We were really trying to find the best solution—the best pricing, capabilities, and customer service. The devil is in the details. We wanted to know how it operates and how often there were pushes and reinvestments in the solution. We wanted to see the big-picture view and then a really dialed-in view. We really liked everything we saw in Qgiv!

Q: What makes Give Back Nation different?


We’ve created something unique: a nonprofit that supports other nonprofits. We have this network with all these different solutions. We feel we can really help with every aspect of the fundraising ecosystem. There are new ways of doing things, especially in the last twelve months. We create a strategic platform of capabilities for organizations, no matter where they are in the timeline of their organization.

Q: What types of organizations do you work with?


We support everyone across the board, from start-up organizations that need all the “t”s crossed, and “i”s dotted, to multibillion dollar hospitals and universities. There is no certain cause or certain size. We vet and research the organizations we support, making sure they’re doing good things and running accordingly.

Q: Why should nonprofits consider working with you?


We try to do things as cost effectively as possible.We offer enhanced support with our membership approach, as we understand that every organization is always trying to do things efficiently and effectively. We provide complimentary brainstorming calls to find out what an organization is doing and how they’re situated—to find out what their fundraising ecosystem looks like and how we can help them. We always try to provide guidance to get them into a better space and to match them with resources out there.

Q: What is your membership program?


A few years ago, we realized that some organizations need a little bit of extra help but didn’t need a full-fledged consultant or additional staff that would cost them thousands of dollars a month. After our initial brainstorming call, where we do a needs assessment at no cost, they can better understand what opportunities exist. We developed our membership program to help them get to that next level. Nonprofits can get three months of unlimited support for $499, or a retainer is another option. Retainers are for those that need more hands-on support or someone to run a program for them. Some retainers are a few hundred dollars and some a few thousand. We’re trying to help organizations cost-effectively succeed.

Q: What’s one of your favorite success stories?


Grace Christian School, a private school in Florida, came to us a few years ago with their multimillion dollar building campaign. They had been doing a simplistic fundraiser, with a few hundred students raising funds for several different projects. We introduced them to Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform, taking them from a paper-dependent approach to a virtual campaign. Every student now has their own fundraising page, with their own goals, and is easily able to send out to their friends and family. We helped them rethink their fundraising and strategically think through their campaign, and then showed them how to implement and launch it. They’ve been able to double, if not triple, their fundraising bottom line. A change in their process led to their increased success.

Q: Is there anything interesting coming up for Give Back Nation in 2021?


We’re always vetting and looking at new ways of doing things. Engagement is a big part of what fuels long-term support for organizations. There’s a lot of new ways of engaging with folks since the pandemic started—ways that organizations haven’t really looked at or heard about. We’re excited to finalize those selections and make sure organizations can use them indefinitely and be comfortable with their time and resource investment. There are going to be some new partnerships announced soon. There are some things coming down the pike in the next few months that we’re excited about.

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