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Meet one of Qgiv’s newest partners, Alford Group. Their mission is to strengthen the philanthropic community by helping nonprofit organizations thrive in today’s dynamic, competitive environment. Like Qgiv, they strive to empower nonprofit organizations to change the world.

Since their founding in 1979, Alford Group has focused on serving more than 3,000 mission-based organizations.

Partnering together, we collaborate to help people fulfill their passion to make a difference for others.

Q: Tell us a bit more about Alford Group

Alford Group is a national, full-service, equity-forward consultancy serving nonprofits in nearly every state in the country. Since our founding, we have partnered with over 3,000 nonprofits to accelerate their impact and advance social change.

Q: What services do you offer?

As a full-service consultancy, we offer partnership in strategic planning, all things fundraising (feasibility studies, campaigns, development assessments, planned giving, major gift initiatives, donor data analytics and more), board and leadership development, executive coaching, interim staffing and corporate partnership strategy. With an equity-forward approach, we integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into everything we do. We also offer services around building a culture of equity within nonprofit organizations through DEI assessments and DEI planning and training.

You can find out more at www.alford.com.

Q: How did you end up partnering with Qgiv?

Both Alford Group and Qgiv are members of The Giving Institute, an association of nonprofit consultancies and service providers. With aligned missions–and wonderful people–we knew we wanted to collaborate with Qgiv!

Q: What makes Alford Group different?

Here is what differentiates us from others. Alford Group:

  • Is Black-owned and Female-led
    • DEI is the center of our DNA.
  • Provides National Leadership
    • We have advanced the mission and impact of over 3,000 clients and worked in nearly every state across the country.
  • Is a Full-Service Firm
    • We offer six flagship services to solve any strategic challenge.
  • Is Impact-Driven
    • We are highly engaged, experienced, and innovative partners proven to drive results.
  • Offers Tailored Solutions
    • Each of our services include custom, agile approaches and a curated team to best serve the client.

Q: What types of organizations do you work with?

We work with the entire nonprofit community! We provide services to every sector, whether it’s arts and culture, human services, foundations and associations, and more. Our work spans from coast to coast and includes organizations of all sizes.

Q: Why should nonprofits consider working with you?

We have a vision of a world where possibilities are endless and reflect the best of who we are as humans. Our main priority is to change the world. We believe we can do that together. If you’re looking for a true partner to create social change, then let’s chat!

Q: What is one of your favorite success stories?

Ah, so many! Our partnership with The Chicago Community Trust is a great story.

Alford Group conducted a philanthropic market assessment to test an endowment-building campaign for The Chicago Community Trust. The assessment included benchmarking, case development and an internal assessment. The assessment revealed the need to reposition the foundation, and a plan was created to utilize the forthcoming centennial to elevate recognition of the Trust’s impact for the past Century as well as how to use the moment to move the organization forward.

Simultaneously, a fundraising goal was set at $1 billion–the largest campaign in history by a community foundation. We subsequently provided strategic counsel and the campaign reached its $1 billion dollar goal two years ahead of schedule. The campaign ended having increased assets by $1.665 billion –165% of the goal.

Since then, Alford Group completed a feasibility study for We Rise Together – a $250 million campaign for an equitable economic recovery for Black and Latinx Chicagoland region residents via community-centered, cross-sector solutions that lead to structural change.

We are now providing strategic campaign counsel resulting in $45 million in commitments to date and numerous transformational grants deployed.

Q: Is there anything interesting coming up in 2022?

Great question! We always have something new brewing at Alford Group. In 2022, you can keep an eye out for more services and initiatives around diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’re always putting our best thoughts forward through webinars and our blog. Plus, you will see a bit of a transformation in our look as we give ourselves a facelift! It will be a big year!

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