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Adjusting Your Mindset for Successful Grant Writing Today

Writing grants is both an art and a science, and modern grant writing has thrown writers some interesting curveballs. Both donors and grant seekers are increasingly “online” and in-person meetings are harder to come by. There are lots of myths and bad advice floating around the internet, too. How can you connect with grantors and tell them what they want to hear?

During this webinar, Carolyn shares her perspectives on the past several decades of grant research and writing. She leads you through a frank assessment of what it takes to be a grant writing professional and to succeed with grant writing today. She also shares real life experiences from the trenches of nonprofit grant research and writing, research tools and methods, and key issues about which grant writers must be wary in the midst of vast amounts of free online “self-help” information. Some key takeaways you’ll get from this session include:

  • How to be more successful by combining “tried and true” methods with new strategies and best practices
  • How to stand out from the crowd despite restrictive online grant proposal and submission requirements
  • How to discern between good and bad “self help” grant writing advice How to establish your nonprofit’s credibility before writing and submitting grants
  • Tips for pursuing additional training opportunities

This session draws on Carolyn’s decades of major gifts fundraising experience. Check it out!

You can also download the slides here!

About the Speaker

Carolyn has more than 30 years of hands-on nonprofit major gift fundraising experience. She both designs and implements major gift campaigns, and has raised more than $33 million. Carolyn is known for being a “troubleshooter,” tackling difficult and seemingly impossible fundraising efforts and turning them into success stories. With two degrees from The University of Texas at Austin, Carolyn has extensive experience with grant research and writing for individuals, foundations, corporations and government agencies. Check out Carolyn’s blog and other resources at!

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