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Why Board Members Hate Fundraising & How to Fix It

Do you have board members who are “allergic” to fundraising? Few things are more critical to your nonprofits health, success, and sustainability than an effective board of directors. If you are ready to transform your D-list to an A-list, come learn tips and tools to get board members willing to engage, share their contacts, be connected to your cause, and give of their financial resources and expertise.

You’ll discover:
• What great boards do differently
• Why your board is afraid of fundraising & how to help them overcome fundraising fears
• 10 ideas to make board members fundraising superheroes without making an ask

As a special bonus, attendees will receive Rachel’s eBook “Makeover My Board!: How to Lead, Inspire or Even Fire Your Board”

The Speaker

Rachel has worked every side of the Rubik’s cube that is the nonprofit sector. When she was 26, Rachel Muir launched Girlstart, a nonprofit empowering girls in math, science, engineering and technology in the living room of her apartment with $500 and a credit card. Several years later, she had raised over 10 million and was featured on Oprah, CNN, and the Today show. Her career spans running successful nonprofits, leading an online fundraising consulting practice and managing major gift portfolios. Today, she transforms people into confident, successful fundraisers. Learn more about Rachel at www.rachelmuir.com.

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