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Database 101: Improve Your Donor Database for Fundraising Success

Do you trust the information within your donor database? Are you unsure of where to start with data cleanup? Do you have data like spreadsheets and event systems stored in “shadow databases” outside of your donor database, or even in the minds of employees?

In this webinar, Tricia Marsherall, of Marsherall Partners, shares tips on donor management, data integrity improvements, and ways to improve efficiency and optimize workflow.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to turn your overwhelming database cleanup project into a manageable, results-oriented project
  • Tips to reduce data storage outside of your donor database
  • 5 reports and processes to implement right away to apply data insights and develop a data-informed strategy

This is a must-see session for nonprofit marketing and development professionals.

Click here to download the slides

Meet the Speaker:

Tricia Marsherall
Tricia is the Founder & President of Marsherall Partners, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in nonprofit donor database management & operations support and virtual & traditional fundraising events. Tricia has worked in dozens of databases, analyzing hundreds of thousands of records and will share the lessons she’s learned along the way.

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