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Donor Communications to See You Through Every Crisis

Can you really prepare for a crisis?

COVID-19 hit every nonprofit hard. But why were some organizations able to quickly rebound — and even increase their fundraising —with barely a glitch?

Discover how a strong donor communications system will see your organization through any crisis.

You’ll learn:

  • How consistent donor communications builds trust
  • The role of donor communications in major giving
  • Why going digital can be a huge mistake
  • How to ask for monthly gifts in a pandemic
  • The importance of empathy and vulnerability
  • Your most important message
  • and more

You’ll leave this webinar with an understanding of how strong, multi-channel donor communications builds sustainability through any crisis.

Click here to download the slides and here to download the handout.

Meet the Speaker

Pamela Grow has raised hundreds of millions through her consultancy, her weekly Grow Report eNewsletter (over 40,000 subscribers), and her online Basics & More™ trainings on direct mail fundraising, digital fundraising, board fundraising, monthly giving fundraising, major gift fundraising and more. Pam’s overriding goal is to provide results-focused fundraising training to small nonprofit organizations — at prices they can afford. Visit her at!

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